Software development
System Development
Kavin software development focus is on the delivery of bespoke (custom) Line-Of-Business systems, data driven applications, system integration as well as Internet and Intranet solutions to our customers. Our solutions are based on established software design methodologies and current software architecture principles. We developed a significant base of know-how and solution building blocks, enabling us to leverage our experience in order to deliver fast, tried and tested solutions to our customers.
    Kavin software solutions can be classified as follows:
  • Internet / Intranet web based solutions
  • Document Management and Content Management Systems
  • Business Process and Workflow
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Enterprise and MSME Line-of-Business System development
  • System Integration and inter-company IT integration
  • Database centric systems and database development
  • Business Intelligence and MIS
System Integration and SOA
Interfacing with legacy systems as well as business partner's systems is a challenge constantly faced by most organizations. Kavin has a strong focus on system integration into third party systems as well as our customer's legacy systems.

We embrace the Service-Oriented architecture (SOA) approach which aims to promote re-usable components, utilizing open standards such as XML to maximize system interoperability and optimum business logic re-use within organizations, as well as inter-organizational integration.
    Kavin expertise in system integration is:
  • Messaging and data exchange with business partner and customer systems
  • Integration with service providers - e.g. Credit Scoring, Debit order collections etc.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (SOA) implementations
  • Integration with legacy systems in the environment
  • Cross departmental and cross divisional system integration
  • Extraction and consolidation of data from multiple sources
Web and Mobile Development
The use of the Internet, social media and mobile devices such as iPad and Android tablets has exploded over the last number of years. It is non-negotiable that exposing web and mobile facing functionality has to be part of any customer focused organisations' IT capability. The corporate website is no longer just a static company brochure disconnected from the internal systems. It is now an essential communication and customer interaction mechanism and very much part of the organisational IT landscape.
Most web development and advertising agency companies, typically tasked with the enterprise online presence, are not geared to deal with the software development and system integration complexity inherent in exposing parts of core business systems to the web and mobile user.
    Kavin expertise in Web application solution is:
  • Web based self-service quoting tools, for example short term insurance quoting
  • Customer self-service portals, for example policy details view and update online
  • Partner portals, for example broker commission reports, sales pipeline and quoting tools
Document and content management
Microsoft SharePoint is one of Microsoft's fastest growing platforms and when one looks at the benefits and the speed of deployment it is easy to see why.
Our team consists of technical, as well as business analyst staff, with an in depth understanding of the SharePoint platform and an ability to extend the base SharePoint offering with custom developed web parts and system integration.
    Kavin expertise in SharePoint offering is:
  • SharePoint infrastructure requirements and deployment consulting
  • Information Architecture and Business Analysis around SharePoint
  • Development of SharePoint hosted web parts and applications housed within SharePoint
  • Business Intelligence analytics, executive dashboards and BI Self-service deployment within SharePoint
Workflow and BPM Solutions – K2
Most organisations have begun to realize the importance of IT systems not only enabling transactional processing and acting as stores of data, but also facilitating, enforcing and measuring business processes. As a result there has been a strong move towards workflow driven system development and implementation.
Kavin provides K2 Workflow solutions to clients. The K2 Workflow suite of products, BlackPearl and BlackPoint, is a natural choice for any organisations already using the Microsoft suite of technologies and looking for an enterprise strength workflow platform.
K2 integrates seamlessly into MS SharePoint, MS SQL Server as well as a Microsoft development environment. In addition integration into all popular database platforms as well an SAP is covered. K2 is recognised one of the market leaders in South Africa and internationally.
Business intelligence
Kavin has a strong focus on Business Intelligence solutions and consulting. Business Intelligence and MIS has become a key component for any modern enterprise wishing to stay ahead of its competitor and understand its customer base.
We provide both technical as well as BI consulting and strategy services. Our BI consulting staff are technology agnostic and approach BI from a business perspective. Our BI technical team is particularly skilled in the Microsoft BI stack, as well as having exposure to a number of BI products outside the Microsoft stable such as Qlikview and Microstrategy.
    Kavin BI offering is as follows:
  • BI Strategy consulting and workshops
  • Business Analysis – Requirements Analysis, ROI, Master Data Management
  • Data warehouse and ETL architecture and development
  • Report and dashboard development
  • Analytics and Planning Solutions
Software architecture and business analysis
Kavin offers a range of IT consulting services. Typically the consulting engagement goes hand in hand with a software or business intelligence implementation project; however we also offer these services independently.
In today's IT environment it is becoming more common for our clients to offshore certain aspects of technical delivery. This creates a greater need for formalizing specifications, architecture, project management and quality assurance processes. We are able to bridge the gap for our clients through the provision of key consulting services in these areas.
    Kavin consulting services consist of the following areas:
  • Solution Architecture and Enterprise Architecture consulting
  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Business Analysis and Business Process Consulting
  • Existing Solution Audits and Supportability Reviews
  • Technical Research and Feasibility Studies
Project management services
Kavin project management approach is based on industry standards - PMBOK and PRINCE and is tailored to each client's specific environment and in-house standards.
    Kavin offers the following PM services:
  • Outsourced projects managed by our Project Management staff
  • Provision of onsite PM services to assist our customers with in-house projects
  • Provision of PM services to assist customer in managing third parties
  • Consulting, for example PMO setup
Database and DBA
The vast majority of our projects have a data component. Database development is hence one of the main service areas for our Consulting. The focus is on MS SQL Server, as well as secondary focus on Oracle database platforms. We have extensive experience in designing relational database schemas, in particular insurance, financial and wealth systems.
Over and above database design, we implement database centric system integration solutions, partner integration layers and set based data processing business logic.
Kavin database development services are complemented by our DBA services offering. Our DBA focus is on MS SQL Server.
Our DBA resources are able to offer assistance to our client's in-house DBA staff as well as take on outsource DBA projects such as optimization of database consolidation projects, as well as offer on-going offsite database administration services.
    Kavin offers the following Database Development and DBA services:
  • Relational and Data warehouse database design
  • Database to database integration
  • Data import and export development
  • SQL Business logic and batch job development
  • Database infrastructure reviews
  • Database infrastructure architecture consulting
  • Assistance with specific database problems such as performance, locking etc.
  • Database backup and DR strategy consulting
  • Outsourced DBA services based on SLA
  • Onsite DBA resources
Contracting and recruitment
Kavin resourcing division supplies contract onsite resources as well as permanent employee placements to our client base.
We distinguishes ourselves in the recruitment and contracting space by striving to understand our customer's specific IT needs and match up the suitability of our resources for the task at hand, as well as through offering highly competitive placement fees and onsite management fees.
As a technical services company, we have an advantage over any traditional placements agency due to our ability to correctly asses our candidates' job specific as well as interpersonal skills achieve an exceptional success rate in matching the right candidate to the position.
    Kavin resourcing focuses on the provision of the following contract and permanent staff:
  • Network Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Database Developers and DBAs
  • Enterprise and Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts and System Analysts
  • Project Managers and Project Administrators
  • Test Analysts and Testers
  • Finance and Accounting Staff
Kavin onsite contractor service agreements are flexible allowing us to accommodate the client's preferred engagement style which may vary from a fixed monthly contractor rate to a variable rate based on hours worked to any mutually agreed approach in between.